Hip Hop & the Grown Woman (Blog Post)

Beverly Bond, Celebrity DJ & Founder of Black Girls Rock!

Both Hip Hop & I have come a long way since 1982 when it blessed my life. It is a worldwide game-changer, while I owe much of my cultural, artistic, & personal development to its influence.  As I get ready to round out this 30th decade of living, I can honestly say that I’m just as much in love with the art form as I’ve always been, in spite of its’ obvious issues. The good thing is that I’m definitely not alone. It’s not unusual for me to start a verse of some joint & have a female friend of mine finish it. One of my sistafriends’, whose the mother of two pre-teen sons, loves to play around with the saying ‘Yeezy Taught Me’. Mind you, she’s a Sociology professor & working on her dissertation.

To that end, many of us as Hip Hop loving sistas, are deep in the midst of raising children who are scrimmaging through our CDs and cassettes, asking questions about the music & the artists that we grew up listening to. For example, on several occasions…..(click here to continue)